Estate Liquidation


This service is provided when estates are sold or downsized.

Tri-State Buyers priority is to provide the best Professional Estate Valuation and Liquidation Advice and Services to our clients. With over 30 years of knowledge and experience in the Personal Property, Antiques and Fine Arts Marketplace we use our expertise and contacts to either Purchase or Valuate for Auction or Consignment entire or partial Estates in a short time frame. We understand that our clients are all different and each situation varies. For some, the time frame is very important as the home may be rapidly offered for sale and must be cleaned out to avoid storage and/or shipping fees. For others, the option to Auction or Consign may be a valid option that generally yields higher prices over a longer period of time. For other clients dealing with one buyer facilitates the process if owners or heirs are out of the tristate area and need to simplify the process. In short, Tri-State Buyers is able to work with our clients with various options for Estate Liquidations.


  • Dealing with one buyer- one buyer eliminates coordination or accounting complications with numerous buyers and/or consignments.
  • Entire estates liquidated- no need for storage or shipping. Estates can be dispersed quickly and efficiently to allow for quick sale or rental of home.
  • Partial Liquidiation- option when downsizing or redecorating, etc.

PLEASE REMEMBER: If you need professional expertise and experience in dealing with estate liquidations do not hesitate to call or text 917-886-1854 or email for a free consultation.

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